Developing Personal Branding in Social Media

  • PauGasol

    Professional basketball player of Los Angeles Lakers. Two times NBA champion. World and Europe champion with the Spanish Basketball National Team

  • IkerCasillas

    Goalkeeper of Real Madrid FC and Captain of the World Champion Spanish Football National Team

  • DavidBisbal

    Spanish singer with more than 5 million albums sold in Spain and America

  • LoriMeyers

    Spanish Indie Band, playing for the record company Universal Music

  • MichaelRobinson

    Ex football player and TV host

  • ElHaze

    Spanish Rapper winner of the best spanish album of Hip Hop award in 2004 belonging to Universal Music


Management of the social media identity

The main celebrities of the sports and entertainment field are starting to give importance to the social networks as a way to build image, to be connected with fans and media, and as a new way of generating revenue. 

Our Services:

Positioning, definition of objectives and strategy: By using the results from the previous studies as a base, our strategical team defines the positioning, objectives and tactics to reach them.

Design and Creation of the Social Ecosystem: Creation or improvement of the social channels of our clients, adding designs adapted to their image and relevant information generated for every service.

Community Management: Our community management team gives advice and manages the relevant contents of the client, as well as special actions that generate notoriety.


Active Income Search

Once we build a solid reputation for our clients in social media, we help and give advice to search and obtain new relationships that result in additional income for them.

Our Services:

Synergies with related brands: Proactive search of commercial agreements with brands that share the same values and personality of our clients with the aim of maximizing the income, teaming up with them due to the growth of their personal branding in social media.

Strategical plans for brands: In which the celebrity plays de role of products/service endorser, giving it a bigger presence and repercussion in social media.


In Detail

Apart from our main services, Personal Noise develops other services that adapt themselves to the new needs of our clients and the changing world of Social Media.

Complementary Services:

Social Media Investigation: Our team investigates the different social media services worldwide, creating reports that show in detail the presence and perception that people have of our clients in the social networks.

Coaching and Training: Specific courses for clients designed to transfer useful knowledge that help to achieve the purposes of our clients.

Development of Applications: In social networks and mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android).

Management of the social media identity
Image Monetization
Other Services

Pau Gasol

We started the project with a comprehensive study of his online reputation in order to define his strengths and opportunities, as well as his geographic places of interest. Thanks to the work of Personal Noise his Twitter profile reached more than 20,000 followers in eight hours. In his Facebook fansite the growth was multiplied by four, increasing the level of engagement of his fans. He managed to become world trending topic in three occasions. We created and designed his new Twitter profile with a worldwide launching strategy, by which the spanish player has surprised his followers with special actions such as a simultaneous videochat both on Facebook and Twitter.


Iker Casillas

In partnership with Mahou, client of Social Noise and personal sponsor of Iker Casillas, we carried out a special action for his Facebook fansite launch. The fans had to fill a small form in order to have the chance to win a date with Iker and have a beer with him. Iker's encouragement together with a great community management achieved a massive participation.


David Bisbal

A tab called "Live" was implemented on his Facebook fansite, through which fans were able to watch the streaming of his last concert of the 2010 Tour that took place in Zaragoza. Meanwhile, fans commented it both on Facebook and Twitter.


Lori Meyers

Launching and spreading in social media of their new album "Cuando el Destino nos Alcance". Creation of an event in Facebook where fans were informed of all the news of the band with exclusive information about the recording of the album. We carried out the design and strategy to spread the image of the band members through Twitter, as well as the creation of a contest to win tickets and exclusive material.


Michael Robinson

Creation of the whole identity and presence of the journalist in social media. Teaming up with Bwin we launched the "Las cosas de Robin" blog, and we also created and launched all the channels of social network; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Videopodcast in iTunes. Thanks to that work we manage to reach and remain in first position in the section of sports podcasts in iTunes for a year.


El Haze

Creation and spreading of the channels of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti y Youtube) for the release of his album "Doctor Haze". 15 promotional videos were launched and some of them reached the top 1 in number of visualizations. The event created for Tuenti reached more than 25,000 users and the channels of the artist experienced a significant growth before the album release.